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A.W. Lumb

United Kingdom | 25 | Transport and Logistics

A trusted supplier of all building materials to many trade customers including national house builders, civil engineers, local authorities and small developers, A.W Lumb recognized that in order to operate a tight delivery service, it needed to have complete visibility of its vehicles. They required a solution to provide a reliable means of tight planning, scheduling and accurate data that would enable them to make informed spot decisions.

ASD Metals

United Kingdom | 107 | Transport and Logistics

ASD Metal Services is the largest mill-independent metal stockholder and distributor in the UK and Ireland. A few years ago, the company realized that, in order to provide the highest level of customer service, they needed a tool that could provide quick access to information regarding vehicle location and availability. Following a careful review of the market, they approached MiX Telematics for a GPS-based track and trace solution and the accompanying MiX Fleet Manager software.

Benton's Haulage

United Kingdom | 40 | Transport and Logistics,Field Service

Keeping drivers’ eyes on the road and away from their mobiles with the help of the MiX Telematics Fleet Manager solution has improved road safety and driver concentration for Benton’s Haulage. This complete fleet management solution has further resulted in lower fuel and mobile phone costs, and has boosted customer service.

Bush Tyres

United Kingdom | 80 | Transport and Logistics

Bush Tyres is a leading independent tire specialist in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. With fuel and insurance premiums being the biggest part of their fleet costs, they were looking for ways to save in those areas while increasing the level of service they offered to their customers. Bush Tyres opted for the MiX DataTrak solution, which helped them achieve their goals.

ETS Distribution Limited

United Kingdom | 24 | Transport and Logistics

Greater control over its fleet and fuel efficiency improvements of up to 10.3% have made ETS Distribution Limited a more profitable company. Thanks to the MiX Telematics Fleet Manager solution, the right vehicle data facilitates better business decisions, provides smarter customer service and helps to maintain a flexible and pro-active approach to its customers’ needs.

Fergusons Transport

United Kingdom | 90 | Transport and Logistics

Fergusons Transport, part of the Fergusons (Blyth) Group, are the largest privately owned logistics business in the North East of England, operating from several locations throughout the UK.

Jeavons Eurotir Limited

United Kingdom | 25 | Transport and Logistics,Field Service

This express delivery company needed a solution to cut fuel expenses and provide exact delivery times to its customers. The fully integrated FM Communicator and FM Terminal solution from MiX Telematics has enabled just that, with the additional benefit of a direct communication channel with each driver.

Karassulis S.A.

Greece,Italy | 25 trucks + 45 trailers | Transport and Logistics

Faced with the risk of vehicle, trailer and freight theft, this freight forwarding company, with routes between Italy and Greece, opted for a GPS-based tracking and recovery system from MiX Telematics. The system’s ability to help schedule routes has further optimized fleet utilization, saving the company a considerable amount of money.

Martin Brower (formerly Keystone Distribution)

United Kingdom | 130 | Transport and Logistics

With the help of the MiX Telematics Fleet Manager Solution, Martin Brower has managed to keep up with the intense logistical demand from McDonald’s throughout the UK, while managing to reduce its fuel costs by up to 10% per year. New driver behavior targets have also slashed the number of driver errors by an average of 90%, reducing risk and wear-and-tear across the entire fleet.

Wrings Transport

United Kingdom | 62 | Transport and Logistics

When UK-based Wrings Transport needed to improve efficiency and driver behaviour across their mixed fleet of 62, they chose the MiX Fleet Manager solution and MiX’s in-cab driver feedback device, the RIBAS Display. Not only has Wrings been able to meet all their telematics objectives and make their fleet operation safer and more efficient as a result, but the system has proved financially valuable too.

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