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Safe Drivers in Safe Vehicles on Safe Roads

Road Safety is an evolving science that has challenged governments and organisations to reduce the alarming fatality rates that can only be considered as an epidemic. Our knowledge and expertise have evolved by working with large companies with high exposure in environments with extreme risk. The latest published figures from the World Health Organisation shows that over 1.2 million people continue to be killed on the world’s roads every year. We view the fatality rates as unacceptable and believe together we have the ability to lead change and save lives.


MiX SafeDrive is an integrated safety solution that targets this problem by:

  • Training drivers in defensive driving techniques,
  • Providing In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) that are able to monitor driver performance, identify unsafe behaviors, and provide audible alerts,
  • Offering safety consultants with the ability to help establish, review and audit systems, processes and strategies related to Land Transport Safety.

A fully implemented and supported MiX SafeDrive solution is guaranteed to improve driver safety and reduce accident rates, while lowering risk, liability and cost.

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Driver training to meet your needs


Our training programs complement our commitment to driver safety by enabling efficient and effective remedial action to be taken by fleet operators.

Driver training comprises specific driver development programs, defensive driver training, heavy vehicle operations, four-wheel drive and recovery techniques, and “Train the Trainer” programs.

MiX Telematics has demonstrated the effectiveness of these programs throughout the region. A project in Oman over the last 5 years has been especially rewarding, providing a Road Safety Standards Body service for in excess of 14,000 drivers annually. MiX Telematics was able to apply best practice methodologies to develop and maintain tailored driver training package for all drivers, and most importantly provide an independent assessment of all drivers prior to certification. The results are a dramatic reduction in fatalities and while there are many supporting initiatives, the role of managing the Road Safety Standards has become a world class model for organisations



Our e-Learning program is designed to assess drivers' individual risk profiles, make them aware of those risks, their impacts, and educate them on how to correct their driving attitude and behaviour.

Our e-Learning platform is a fully integrated and customisable, web-based platform that allows us to identify, monitor and mitigate driver risk. It features local content and is delivered in a highly engaging format with proven effectiveness. The e-Learning solution features three key components:

  • Driver Risk Identification and Hazard perception tests
  • Driver Risk Mitigation
  • Driver Risk Monitoring


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