Fleet Manager Premium


MiX Fleet Manager Premium offers fleet operators unlimited access to information about their vehicles and drivers, with a host of features, tools and reports to help maximise return on investment.

The solution comprises a sophisticated on-board computer, which collects and transmits valuable vehicle and driver data. This data is hosted in one of several top-tier data centres, and information is accessible online or via a mobile app (for Android or iOS).

Our customers from around the world agree: whatever the goal – be it to save fuel, increase utilisation or improve customer service – MiX Fleet Manager Premium is proven to bring about guaranteed and significant results.


overview tracking portal


Tracking, live information streams and reporting tools through an advanced software platform

  •   Live & historical tracking

  •   Location management (Geo fencing)

  •   Task Management

  •   Event monitoring with real-time notifications

  •   Driver ID

  •   Immobilizer

  •   Driver & vehicle licence/certification management

  •   CAN Bus & fuel data

  •   Accident analysis

  •   Driver safety analysis

  •   Integration with 3rd party software

  •   Journey Management

  •   MiX Vision cameras

  •   MyMiX driver engagement portal

  •   Cold Chain integration

  •   Real-time driver notifications

  •   In-cab displays


Better, safer, and more efficient fleet operations, translating into increased profitability over time.

  • Reduced fuel and maintenance costs

    Our dynamic reports allows our customers to monitor and reduce fuel and maintenance costs. However, from our vast experience, improving driver behaviour is the key to achieving the above goal. Well driven vehicles perform more efficiently and require less maintenance.

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  • Improved driver safety

    MiX Fleet Manager provides customers with all the tools necessary to monitor, manage and improve driver behavior. The MiX Rovi and RIBAS in-cab displays as well as a range of scoring and error reports, equip our customers with the proper tools to improve driver behaviour and safety.

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  • Improved utilization and efficiency

    Getting the most from a fleet is the primary concern for any fleet manager. Knowing where vehicles are is only the beginning. MiX Fleet Manager provides operators with activity timelines to illustrate utilization patterns in their fleets. This assists in boosting efficiency.

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  • Enhanced customer service

    Our technical and customer service specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that any and all customer requests are answered quickly and efficiently.

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