MiX Telematics offers MiX SafeDrive to construction companies help manage vehicles and drivers in real-time.

In Construction, there will always be a demand for quicker project completion, greater fleet efficiency and more protection. This, coupled with the added burden of maintaining expensive equipment, makes it crucial to pursue smart solutions in order to remain profitable.
Through our MiX SafeDrive offering we help construction companies to benefit from:
  • Reduced fuel consumption, thanks to the ability to monitor and correct driver behaviour as well as the behaviour of those operating machinery.
  • Enhanced machine utilisation, from being able to compare actual usage with expected usage.
  • Increased productivity, thanks to our on-board technology that enables the tracking of assets.
  • Improved safety compliance, through Hours of Service functionality among other valuable features.
  • Better security, through GPS asset tracking to prevent theft and misuse.
  • Improved maintenance, with electronic service and licensing schedules.

Related products

  • IVMS


    We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure you are able to monitor your fleets across the globe at all times. Our In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS), comprises of an on-board computer and an online portal allowing you access real-time information along with advanced analytics to ensure your fleet is safe and fully optimized.

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  • Journey Management

    Journey Management

    The system ensures the safety of your drivers while they’re out in the field. By challenging each journey, you are able to eliminate unnecessary journeys and make informed risk based decisions for needed journeys.

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  • Rovi


    An effective display and communication tool that allows both fleet manager and drivers to ensure problem-free operations. Features include:
    • On-board navigation
    • Jobs and messaging
    • Real-time job routing
    • Driver alerts
    • Pop-up warnings and notifications

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  • Ribas


    Our innovative technology is aimed at helping drivers improve their driving style. Combining warning tones, lights and symbols, drivers receive feedback on their driving style in real-time.

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  • MiX Vision

    MiX Vision

    A fully integrated in-vehicle camera allows fleet managers to capture footage of their fleet to ensure smooth and safe operations at all times.

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  • MiX SatComms

    MiX SatComms

    Our partnership with Iridium and Inmarsat allows our customers to monitor their fleets in real-time regardless of GMS coverage.

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  • Driver Training

    Driver Training

    Our training programs complement our commitment to driver safety by enabling efficient and effective remedial action to be taken by fleet operators. Driver training comprises specific driver development programs, defensive driver training, heavy vehicle operations, four-wheel drive and recovery techniques, and “Train the Trainer” programs.

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  • MyMiX


    A comprehensive driver engagement tool, geared to equip drivers with all they need to assess and improve their professional performance.

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