Wrings Transport

United Kingdom
Transport and Logistics
12 Mar 2015

Wrings Transport, a highly reputable organisation within the UK Haulage sector, offers a wide range of services including express vans, articulated vehicles, contract vehicles and rigid body vehicles.

When investigating a telematics solution, Wrings Transport identified clear business objectives to reduce fleet costs, reduce mobile phone usage, review chargeable miles and, most importantly, improve customer service levels by running their vehicles on time. In addition, the firm wanted to investigate the potential efficiency gains that could be achieved by monitoring driving behaviour.

Wrings Transport chose the MiX Fleet Manager solution and MiX’s in-cab driver feedback device, the RIBAS Display, and has been operating this solution across a mixed fleet of vehicles for over 10 years. Among other benefits, the flexible solution enables them to identify vehicle locations, which reduces the need for mobile phone usage and improves customer service levels.

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