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Karassulis S.A.

Transport and Logistics
25 trucks + 45 trailers

Vehicle theft can pose significant risk to transport companies anywhere in the world, which is why Karassulis S.A., who operates long-haul routes between Italy and Greece, opted to install a GPS-based solution by MiX Telematics. The system maximizes the chances of recovering any one of its 25 trucks and 45 trailers in the event of a theft and is supported by wireless recovery technology that operates independently from the vehicles’ electrics to ensure maximum protection.

Not long after the system was tested and installed, the solution helped Karassulis S.A. recover a trailer along with its goods after an attempted theft in Italy.

Karassulis S.A. has since begun to rely on the system’s online information and tracking portal to help schedule routes and optimize fleet utilization – thanks to real-time vehicle tracking and reporting. It is also looking to expand its use of telematics to reduce fuel costs and boost driver performance.

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