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Fergusons Transport

United Kingdom
Transport and Logistics
05 Nov 2014

The company was established in 1926 and over the years, has strategically located depots, traffic & warehousing facilities near to major cities giving quicker & easy access to customers & major transport routes.  Fergusons have built up a vast portfolio of customers comprising of local, national and international companies from all sectors of industry, a few of which have been customers since the conception of the business. Whilst transport remains their core business, Fergusons continually strive to meet the demands of customers, thus has diversified into related operational areas including, Warehousing, Logistics, Removals, Contract Hire & Business Unit Rentals.


Fergusons Transport were looking for a solution that would allow them to not only control and proactively manage their fleet with regards to traffic violations and investigations, as well as customer queries and disputes, but also a solution that would allow them to be aware of vehicle fuel usage and proactively manage their monthly fuel bills by focusing on key areas like improved fleet utilization.

Fergusons Tranport themselves have key customers timed delivery requirements. Key customer groups such as automotive supplies, medical contractors and magazine printers all depend on time-critical pickup and delivery from Fergusons and it was for this reason that they wanted to implement a Fleet Management solution that would support their own customer-specific business requirements.

Solution Provided

The FM300 Communicator on-board computer has been installed into 90 vehicles of the Fergusons Transport fleet since August 2006.  Enabling the customer to view and manage all driver and vehicle performance data, Fergusons Transport have had access to both FM Web as well as FM Professional data viewing options.  With locations ranging from Newcastle in the North to Plymouth in the South, installations were carried out at various Fergusons sites.


Since installing the fleet management solution, Fergusons Transport have been able to proactively manage their monthly fuel costs, and have been able to ensure they meet their own customer requirements ensuring vehicles arrive and depart on time, and are able to efficiently transport and deliver customer goods within a specified critical time-frame.  Fergusons Transport use and rely strongly on the Active Tracking functionality on a 24/7 basis to such an extent that two plasma screens have been installed in both the Transport Management office as well as the Reception area of the company, in order for everyone who views them to have an immediate understanding of vehicle location and utilization.  With around 20 Fergusons employees trained and using the system, the company finds FM-Web easy to use and navigate and feels that the information required is available to them at all times.


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