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ETS Distribution Limited

United Kingdom
Transport and Logistics

ETS Distribution Limited operates a high-end warehouse in Loughborough, England, and provides a range of premium logistics services to warehousing, distribution and marketing support industries in the UK. In an effort to improve its fleet’s utilization, the company turned to telematics. The goal was to maintain the company’s flexible and pro-active approach to customer service and still reduce costs.

MiX Telematics was selected to install and commission their Fleet Manager solution, a feature-rich system that provides real-time vehicle location data while reporting on driver behaviors such as over-speeding/revving, harsh acceleration/braking and excessive idling.

The result is that, in addition to maximizing fleet utilization with the help of real-time tracking, ETS Distribution Limited has increased overall fuel efficiency by 10.3% and reduced each vehicle’s wear and tear. The company’s customers also appreciate the new level of load control and accurate delivery times.

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