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Immediate access to secure information about drivers and vehicles at all times.

MiX Fleet Manager by MiX Telematics is an end-to-end solution designed to give fleet operators the tools they need to sustain a high-performing operation – one that’s operating at optimum levels of efficiency and safety. 

The solution comprises an on-board computer, an online tracking and information portal as well as access to valuable fleet and driver reports and analytics.

In addition, 24/7/365 customer support is provided throughout the partnership MiX Telematics has with its customers.

MiX Fleet Manager includes a series of mobile applications that allow fleet managers to remain connected to their fleet at all times.


Here is a breakdown of how our solutions work

In-vehicle hardware collects and transmits important information including vehicle location and status, driver identity, fuel usage, distances travelled and trip start and end points. By having 24-hour access to this data, along with reporting tools that deliver key business insights, fleet owners are able to make informed and timely decisions about their drivers and vehicles. This enables them to boost overall fleet efficiencies and performance.


  • Live information streams

    Live information streams

    Real-time notifications – communicated via email or text messages – allow fleet managers to address vehicle and driver events that impact safety and efficiency. Seamless integration between messaging and navigation devices facilitates streamlined communication between drivers and the office.

  • Vehicle tracking

    Vehicle tracking

    Sometimes it is necessary to know both the exact location and status of your vehicles. With a solution from MiX Telematics, our clients are able to do just that using a smartphone or via a secure web portal. You can pinpoint your vehicle on a street level or satellite map that updates as your vehicles move. Status updates of events that occur within the vehicle will also be posted.
  • Fuel management

    Fuel management

    MiX Telematics customers have achieved a fuel consumption savings of up to 15 %. Our systems allow you to monitor the fuel consumption of each of your vehicles individually, and by extension the fuel efficiency of your whole fleet, giving you an immediate return on investment.
  • Improved driver behaviour

    Improved driver behaviour

    Bad driving habits are unsafe, unnecessary and can cause loss of life. Poor driving ultimately also costs your organisation money. Together with an on-board computer and optional in-cab display system, MiX Telematics can provide your company with live information pertaining to the operation of your vehicles. The data instantly gets transmitted from your vehicle directly to one of our secure data centers so that management reports contain objective information. Drivers can also be alerted to their mistakes using the in-vehicle buzzer or a display device such as the RIBAS accessory.
  • Route Planning

    Route Planning

    Customers have the ability to improve their route planning and fleet utilization, through using the data posted by the system and integrating with specialized 3rd party routing applications.
  • Trip Reports and Vehicle Utilisation

    Trip Reports and Vehicle Utilisation

    Reports provide insight into the journeys undertaken by drivers, highlighting exceptions (e.g. entry into no-go zones), driving violations (e.g. over speeding), and include details such as trip start date and time, location from which departed, trip distance, end location, driving time, idling time, parking time, associated driver, etc.

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6 EA 610 Dubai Airport Free Zone
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Contact Us

For more information on our solutions, please complete the form below.


6 EA 610 Dubai Airport Free Zone
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +9714 204 5650