Dubai Petroleum Company (DPC)

15 Jul 2008
Oil and Gas

The Dubai Petroleum Company (DPC) has been operating in the offshore oilfields of Dubai since 1966. Over the years the company has grown to include operations in four major oilfields, namely the Fateh, Southwest Fateh, Falah and Rashid Fields.

The oldest field, Fateh, was discovered in the company’s founding year and means “good fortune” in Arabic. Fateh is also the largest of the four with processing facilities, gas lift compression and water flood facility. This oilfield notably has the world’s most unique under water storage facility.


DPC is committed to the highest standard of customer service, which includes an efficient and effective delivery and distribution system. Their demand for service excellence has lead DPC to work with local MiX Telematics distributors, Fleet Management Systems International (FMSI), to find the ideal solution for its large number of vehicles. DPC has set challenging Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) strategies, so a fleet management system that will improve driver and road safety is a major requirement for the company.


MiX Telematics FM Locator with FM200 Plus on-board computer was the ideal solution for DCP’s logistical delivery needs and commitment to continual and progressive improvement in driver and road safety. FMSI installed the advanced on-board computers into all their fleet vehicles.

The solution offers a broad range of essential fleet management services with the ability to record user-defined events and supply data regarding such events. DPC received detailed driver and vehicle reports, providing accurate readings of driving events such as over speeding and harsh acceleration.


DPC have experienced a huge improvement in driver safety, especially as drivers become more concerned with adhering to HSE Road Safety standards and policies, proving the solution to be effective in changing drivers’ attitude and behaviour. It has been clear from the data collected and analysed that there has been a steady reduction in over speeding, harsh breaking, harsh acceleration and other undesirable driver behaviour.



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